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The quality of our services is our primary concern. All our interventions are carried out by experienced professionals, specialized in the operation of underwater work equipment. These operations are carried out according to strict specifications and quality control in order to guarantee a high level of service.


With over 10 years of operational excellence and growth, Immersub has acquired uncontested expertise in the field of commercial diving. We position ourselves today as the leader of this sector of activities in Mauritius with a regional ambition.


The safety of our divers is part of our commitment to the smooth running of our operations. Our know-how is applied in strict compliance with the safety rules applicable to hyperbaric work.


At Immersub, customer contact is privileged and we try to respond to all requests made by email or telephone within a maximum of 24 hours.

Our Fields of Expertise


Underwater Inspections

Immersub is certified for underwater class inspections by 7 international classification societies. Immersub equally carries out specific inspections at the request of shipowners, agents classification societies, experts and maritime insurers: • Visual underwater inspections, accompanied by a detailed report including photographic illustrations and a DVD • Live CCTV (Close Circuit Television System) inspections with surface visualization and permanent communication with the diver.

Propeller Polishing

A smooth and polished propeller substantially reduces the fuel consumption of a ship. Immersub has acquired a unique know-how in this field using state-of-the-art hydraulic machines with a selection of polishing discs specially adapted for this purpose. The propeller blades are polished according to the highest standards in the field.

Underwater Repairs and Maintenance

Immersub also carries out a large spectrum of underwater repairs and maintenance works such as: • Underwater hyperbaric welding and cutting • Installation and maintenance of welded sacrificial anodes • Installation and removal of water intake and cathodic protection grids • Installation of magnetic membranes • Installation and maintenance of jetties, cables (fiber optics) and submarine piping • Other specific work.

Other services

Immersub offers other specialized services such as: • Diving Services for dry docking of ships • Underwater survey of port infrastructures • Maintenance of buoys, inlet and outlet equipment, submarine pipelines. • Salvage operations. • Underwater Cleaning services at Hydro Power Stations • Assistance in underwater filmmaking

Hull Cleaning

Underwater hull cleaning services optimizes vessel performance through specific cleaning using the latest technologies. The type of brushes is chosen according to the state and coating of the paint. This type of external cleaning includes : • Partial or complete underwater cleaning (including flat bottom and vertical sides) to ensure a smooth surface of the hull using high-power hydraulic brushes • Cleaning of specific submarine areas or propulsion system such as rudder, roll keels, water intake filters and thrusters • Underwater cleaning of the propeller • Other specific underwater vessel cleaning work.

Accreditation and Qualifications

Immersub is at today’s date the unique company in Mauritius to be endorsed for underwater surveys by 7 classification societies of international repute: Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyds Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Germanisher Lloyds (GL), Nippon Kaiji Kyokay (NK), Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Employees, professional divers and professionals who work with Immersub possess the necessary qualifications and experience to offer a professional service while abiding by the highest quality and safety standards.

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