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Underwater Surveys

Immersub carries out underwater inspections, using photographic, video or monitoring-surface equipment using real-time communication with scuba divers. We submit detailed soft copies of reports to numerous stakeholders: classification offices, insurers (findings of accidents or accidents), superintendents, etc.


Immersub also carries out underwater repairs and maintenance works such as : • Underwater hyperbaric welding and cutting • Installation and maintenance of welded sacrificial anodes • Installation and removal of water intake and cathodic protection grids • Installation of magnetic membranes • Installation and maintenance of jetties, cables (fiber optics) and submarine piping • Other specific work.

Hull Cleaning

The level of fouling of the ships’ hull directly affects the speed and fuel consumption. Immersub specializes in underwater cleaning of hulls using the latest eco-friendly hull cleaning technology, the HullWiper. This system uses sea water as a medium for hull cleaning, thus not damaging the vessel's coating. This type of external cleaning includes flat bottoms, vertical sides, sea grids, bilge keels and rudder. Immersub offers this type of service for all ships, with no size limit.

Propeller Polishing

A smooth and polished propeller substantially reduces the fuel consumption of a ship. Immersub has acquired a unique know-how in this field using state-of-the-art hydraulic machines with a selection of polishing discs specially adapted for this purpose. The propeller blades are polished according to the highest standards in the field.

About Us

Set up by a professional diver and a sea captain, Immersub Co. Ltd has always reconciled passion and professionalism.


Incorporated in 2004, this family company has developed over the years to become the first recognized Mauritian company carrying out ship husbandry services in Mauritius with a regional focus. The quality of the works carried out by Immersub and the commitment of its highly qualified personnel has conferred an excellent reputation.




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Our Engagement

Always looking for optimization to satisfy its customers, Immersub relies on a professional team to develop its activities in Mauritius and in the region. In addition, our company is committed to operate in a context of protection of the marine environment and sustainable development.

Our Collaborators

Immersub prides itself for being trusted and endorsed by regional and international maritime companies, who throughout the years turn out to be regular partners. On the local field, Immersub sustains professional relation with all maritime agencies and a spectrum of related companies, such as the major Diving Centers (Abyss Underworld Co. Ltd and Sun Divers Ltd) the two shipyards in Mauritius (CNOI et Taylor Smith Ltd), Gerald Rambert Underwater Photographer, and Delphinium Ltd (a scientific team in the field of Oceanography and the marine environment). In 2019, Immersub partners with HullWiper Ltd to combat invasive species in Mauritian waters. This partnership highlights Immersub's efforts towards a sustainable development.